Reviewing Automatic Benchmade Knives For Sale

In Tennessee, consumers who need protection may consider knives as an alternative to guns for defense. The weapons are easy to conceal and don’t require a permit to carry. The products are constructed in a variety of styles and metals. Reviewing details about automatic knives helps consumers choose the best weapons for protecting themselves.

What to Expect from Automatic Knives

The knives have impressive opening mechanisms that make them easy to use. The products are an ideal solution for law enforcement officers who need a fast weapon. The knives are constructed of durable metals that won’t rust and will last for many years. The high-grade steel maintains its integrity even after exposure to water. The blades remain sharp even with frequent use.

2551 Mini-Reflex Automatic Knives

The products come with a push-button mechanism that opens them quickly for fast use. The blade measures 0.097 of an inch or 2.464 mm. The full length of the knife when it is open is 7.35 inches and 4.17 inches when it is closed. The thickness of the blade is 0.48 of an inch or 12.192 mm. The product has a satin finish on the blade and a standard knife clip. It is classified for everyday or tactical use.

2551BK Mini-Reflex Automatic Knives

The knives offer an upgraded package with a larger-than-average button. The design increases reliability and fast action when the weapon is needed. The blade length is 3.17 inches or 8.05 cm. The thickness of the blade is 0.097 of an inch or 2.464 mm. The knife is 7.35 inches when it’s open and 4.17 inches when it’s open. The handle thickness is 0.48 of an inch or 12.192 mm. The total weight of the knife is 2.58 ounces.

Benchmade Knives 2551SBK Mini-Reflex Automatic Knives

The product also features the upgraded package and a larger button. It has a serrated blade that is 3.17 inches long. The blade thickness is 0.097 of an inch or 2.64 mm. The knife is 7.35 inches open and 4.17 inches when closed.

In Tennessee, consumers who prefer knives instead of guns may find the best self-defense products online. Several models are available to consumers and offer special features. Automatic knives are a faster choice that offers immediate protection. Consumers who want to review the products can browse Benchmade knives for sale today.

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