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Advantages of Digital Fabric Printing

The first benefit of digital fabric printing is the shorter print runs. The traditional printing technique is only beneficial to with long runs and this makes businesses to opt for the digital fabric printing. Short and medium runs are possible in with the digital fabrics printing and it is economically viable at the same time. It is cost-effective and time-saving to make changes in the digital fabric printing compared to the traditional printing with which some set-up charges must be incurred. It is also possible for the manufacturers to reduce the stock level because they digital fabric printing gives them the ability to only print on demand. Reduced storage costs, fewer stocks and getting stock to the market makes the digital fabric printing the right choice of technology.

It is environmentally safe to use digital fabric printing than using other traditional printing methods. If we compare the traditional method of printing to the digital one, it is better to use the digital printing technique since it is an environmentally friendly process. The amount of water and electricity energy required for the printing process is much less compared to the traditional one. The amount of pollution produced by textile industry through printing, can only be minimized by using the digital fabric printing.

Another benefit of digital fabric printing is the customization and high-quality products. Digital fabric printing produces high-quality products and many people are opting for it. The resolution of the digital fabric printing is high and the images produced have sharp and clean edges that are attractive. Fine lines, sharp geometry, color blotches and micro-floral pattern are some of the properties that can be reproduced using digital fabric printing. When you deal with digital fabric printing, you can achieve the following; a variety of images, designs, and graphics.

The cost of digital fabric printing is normally low. The digital fabric printing is the best option since it does not require huge amount. It is costly to use the traditional printing method because the demand for electricity, water, and ink is normally high. Rotary printing is expensive for short runs since the equipment are designed for long runs only. The main reason as to why it is cheaper to do digital fabric printing is because of the absence of screens that normally takes up huge resources.

Another benefit of digital fabric printing is that low capital investment is required. The amount of money needed to start up a traditional printing is way too high compared to the digital fabric printing. With digital fabric printing the amount required for investment is reasonably low. The digital fabric printing is flexible in such a way that the business has the ability to grow as time goes by.

With digital fabric printing, you can get the result quickly.

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